Breathing Exercise for Weight Loss

People find it difficult to get time to exercise but what if you are told you can loose weight by simply breathing right. The problem is that most people do not breathe properly. Most of us just inflate the upper portion of the lungs due to which the lungs do not receive the precious air they need.

Now try this, lay down on the floor or bed and relax for a few seconds. Not take a deep breath, push your belly up while taking the air inside. After you have got as much air as you can intake, stop and hold your breath. Try to hold your breath for ten to twenty seconds. When you do this exercise for the first time you’ll find it difficult to hold you breathe. You’ll also feel your lungs stretching out. You may not find this exercise easy at first but after a few tries it becomes easy. What’s more is that your body will feel relaxed and refreshed.

You must try to do this exercise for five minutes. Now sit up, try carrying out the same exercise. This time it might be a little hard as you might unconsciously go back to shallow breathing. Don’t give up. Concentrate on inflating your belly. Once it gets filled up hold it for twenty seconds and release it through your mouth. You’ll have to practice this exercise a few times to get used to it.

You might be wondering how this process helps in loosing weight. Oxygen is fuel for the body, just like food. But the good thing about Oxygen is that it does not have any calories. Therefore you can consume as much as you like. When you intake Oxygen through the lungs it goes into the bloodstream and helps in getting rid of excess weight and fat. This is because Oxygen causes the chemical reactions in the body to take place much faster. As a result your metabolism rate goes up due to which you end up burning more calories.

You will manage to attain your weight loss goals easily when you include this simple breathing exercise in your weight loss plan which includes exercises and reduced calorie diet. You can also use diet drugs like Phentermine and Xenical. These drugs are approved by the FDA and they help in suppressing the appetite. As a result when you use Phentermine you’ll be able to control your urge to eat. You don’t need to use Phentermine forever, but while starting off with your weight loss plan it is really helpful.